This is a combination tsl, the tsl makes use of the tsl hsbCenterOfGravity.
This tsl adds lifting positions to a wall. Depending on the wall length this tsl inserts 1,2 or 4 lifting positions.

23 April 2019
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This tsl is saved in your C:\Program Files\hsbcad\<hsbcad20...>\Content\Dutch\TSL  

The positions can be modified through grippoints. The context menu provides functionality to rest the positions.
The positions are calculated with the center of gravity as reference point.
Place the hsbCenterOfGravity tsl first before using this tsl. (see Remarks)

hsb_W-Lifting  hsb_W-Lifting  

Insert: Manual insert

This tsl has to be added in Model space.
To insert the tsl, one or more elements can be selected. The tsl will insert an instance of itself to each selected element.
The tsl can also be attached to the element definition. If its attached to the element definition it will be executed automatically when the element is generated.


This tsl supports only walls. The tsl makes use of the tsl hsbCenterOfGravity. This tsl has to be located in one of the tsl search paths.
You also have to use the following file C:\hsbCompany\Abbund\hsbGenBeamDensityConfig.xml (this is needed to know the density of the materials)
We also have a tsl that lifts Roof elements, the hsb_R-Lifting.

Default rt cen is center of element, Better rt cen can be found though hsbCenterOfGravity

Work flow: