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AutoCAD® vs AutoCAD®Architecture

If you have AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® Architecture installed on your computer it might happen that hsbDesign automatically opens in AutoCAD® and NOT in AutoCAD® Architecture and this is something you don’t want.

hsbDesign can work with AutoCAD® but will not be able to have all the functions AutoCAD® Architecture (ACA) has.

AutoCAD® ARCHITECTURE (ACA) has Walls /doors / roof/floor /window /sections /details /construction /schedules features, plain AutoCAD® does not, all geared towards those in the ARCH industry.

AutoCAD® is used to convey design intent, by utilizing Lines, Arcs and Circles, to illustrate the design.
But in ACA, lines, arcs and circles are replaced by intelligent walls, doors and windows, known as AEC Objects.
These intelligent objects give the designer the ability to manipulate building elements at a higher level, far beyond what Dynamic Blocks have traditionally offered.

NOTE: AEC Objects are not backwards compatible, and just because you can save back an AutoCAD DWG file from, say 2018 format to 2013 format, you cannot save back ACA components.

AutoCAD® Architecture (ACA) is one of the vertical AutoCAD® toolsets has quite a lengthy command string which loads AutoCAD® with a lot of extra functions.
These can be useful if working in an Architectural Practice.

Customising your default AutoCAD shortcut icon

Updated on 02/11/2022

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