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FAQ: Invisible elements in Revit®

It can happen that you perform an action inside Revit and the element that you wanted to add, copy or move is suddenly invisible. In the videos underneath, you see how you can insert an item container, but after insertion, you cannot see it in the drawing.

View Settings

If you open or create a view in Revit®, it will have view settings. These settings are easily accesable with the press of “vv”, in the ribbon “View” under “Visibility/Graphics”, or in the properties of the view. In the view settings, you can enable or disable categories. Next to that, it is possible to override graphical details in this window. If you want to learn more about these settings, please visit this page.

In the video underneath you see that an item container is added but not visible. The visibility for the category is disabled. After enabling the category, the item container becomes visible.

View Filter

The view filter is a filter that can also be seen through the Visibility/Graphic options within the view settings. The filter is a powerful tool that allows you to override graphics and show or hide certain elements in your model. In the video, you can see how a filter is the cause for an invisible item container after inserting it.

View Range

If you are in a floor/ceiling view, it might be possible that some objects might not be visible due to the View Range of that view. The view range can be adjusted through the properties of the view. In the video, you can see how you can modify your view range in order to make elements visible again. For more info about the view range, you can visit this page.

Crop Region

Another possibility why a certain element is not visible in the view is because of the crop region of a certain view. This can be activated in each view and is sometimes visible or not. It can be quite tricky to identify if this might be the cause. In the video underneath you can see how you can visualize the crop region and then manipulate it so that your objects become visible again.

Updated on 24/01/2022

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