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How to print Labels in BVX 2.1

It’s possible to print labels automatically when a part is manufactured.
This has to be configured manually in the CAMBIUM software.
It is not something you can trigger via the BVX file format.

  • You can setup a custom label template.
  • Open the Cambium software,  select Documents\Document Designer.
  • You can specify the content for each template. Barcodes can be included as a content item:
  • Using the Property Inspector you can setup the BarCode element as desired (position, size, content, etc..):
  • For each template you can specify when a label is to be printed and also which printer is to be used:

So if properly setup, a label containing a Barcode with user specified content can be printed whenever a part is manufactured.
For further assistance Customer contact the Hundegger Service.

Updated on 22/09/2021

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