This is a TSL that can run a number of other specified TSL’s.
The to-be executed TSL’s are configured in a .xml file.


This TSL needs a .xml file for execution.
The .xml file can be created on insert or it can be created manually.
The default .xml configuration has 3 TSL’s which are: hsb_E-Identification&Marking, hsb_E-BeamToSheet and hsb-Brace.
These will all be inserted with the “_Default” catalog.

Work flow

1/a Creating the .xml file within the first insert of the TSL

Insert the tsl, the property dialog will appear.
The File Name property will be empty.
If this stays empty, it will create a *.xml file called RunElementTslsConfigurations.xml.
If the File name property is filled with a value, it will create a file called value.xml

Updated on 13/07/2021

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