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This tsl is saved in your C:\Program Files\hsbCAD\<hsbcad20…>\Content\General\TSL

Insert: Manually insert

This tsl has to be added in Model space.
Select the CLT panel, select first split point and then select 2nd split point.


This tool requires proper definitions of the custom defined milling heads in HH2-Tab of hsbSettings.
– create the two parts of the tonguegroove in closed polylines.
– the top centerpoint of the closed polyline has to be the originpoint 0,0,0

Work flow:

A : reference side 
B : offset from the reference
C : offset between two panels 
D : distance between two tongues 
E : offset from the reference side
F : creates a chamfer on the split of the panel 
G : offset from the opposite side
H : creates a chamfer on the split of the panel  
I : base of the tongue       
J : depth of the tongue      


Updated on 21/10/2021

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