hsbConsole (Video)

Basis knowledge of the hsbConsole

The hsbConsole is an all-purpose controlling tool.
It should always be displayed on the screen.
With a right mouse click on the dialog box the hsbConsole can be fixed on the edge of the screen or you can display it on a second screen where ever you want.

You can:

  • Controls the functionality of the groups.  
  • Sets the Filter Z coordinates.  
  • You can import groups from another drawing.  
  • Have a look in the tools tab, Toolings of an objects.  
  • Controls the insertion of toolings.
  • Controls the visibility of different objects, informations and toolings in the tab settings.

There are 3 levels of groups:

  • House level.
  • Floor level.
  • Element level.

To set a group current, double click on a group or left-click on a group set as current group.

Floor levels that have a brown icon, are levels that are marked with Deliverable container.
This means its ready to be deliverable to go to a machine, Dbase or cnc export.

Add new entities to current group option (Video)

This video is about adding new entities to current group.

Group state (Video)

This video is about group state.

Updated on 21/04/2021

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