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hsbShare | hsbLogistics workflow

This document will show you how to work with hsbLogistics.
hsblogistics is a mobile app for the wood construction industry, which allows the user to monitor the location of prefabrication elements.

The elements are scanned using QR codes and grouped into packages.
The packages can then be placed in areas, on trucks or in delivery destinations.
The application allows you to quickly scan a package and determine where it resides, change its location, or have an overview of the locations of the prefabrication elements.
This mobile app only works complementary with the hsbShare Cloud Service and can be downloaded in App Store on your mobile device

Create an account in hsbShare first in

Follow the next steps to start to learn how to work with hsbLogistics and hsbshare.


When you open the application for the first time, it will require your hsbShare account information.
Your email and your password information is identical to the account information created on the hsbShare website.

This Toolset needs to be added to your License, for more information get in contact with the hsbcad office you are dealing with.


Set up your application

Once you have logged in, you will be requested to select a Team
The Team is a team you can choose from the list.

Show Model Viewer
Only show archived project

After you have selected a Team select the Back button in the left top corner of your screen.

You will see the Choose an Action screen.
This will be the starting point for actions.

The Menu can also be accessed by selecting the 3 strips in the upper left corner.

List of actions

1Create Package / Add ElementsCreate a package and add element by scanning the QR code
2System StatsDisplay statistics about Areas, Trucks and Delivered status
3SearchSearch project, package or element by typing the name or scanning the QR code
4Move packageChange package status by scanning a QR code and edit the delivery Area, Truck and delivery status
5Add TruckAdd Truck by clicking on “Add Truck”, this adds a Truck number to the list
6Add AreaAdd Area by clicking on “Add Area”, this adds an Area number to the list
7Application Settings
8Logout Logout by opening the menu by tapping the upper left corner and click on Logout

Create a Package and add elements

The following two steps are needed to create a package and add elements to the packages.

Step 1:

  • Select the first button
    + Create Package / add elements and then the next button
  • +Scan and Create Package
Example of Package QR code

After you scanned your package and element you can add the package to the specified Area on site, to the specified truck it is loaded onto or check the delivered status as delivered.

Step 2: Add Element to Package

Example of Element QR code

To add a package the best thing is to use the QR codes from uploaded projects and elements.
The project number is being used while uploading a project and the element number is being used as element code.

With the Search you can look up Projects, Packages and Elements

Search by either typing in Projects, Packages or Elements names or scan the QR code. Open the Project, Package or element by tapping Edit.

A project will not be visible if no package has been created for that project. Even when it has been uploaded correctly with the exporter.

3D model viewer

The model viewer shows the project in 3D, you can rotate the element by dragging
Rotate = drag with 1 finger
Move = drag with 2 fingers
Zoom in = pinch inwards with 2 fingers
Zoom out = pinch outwards with 2 fingers

View Element documentation

Search an element and view documents. For example, ShopDrawings:

System Stats

System Stats gives you an overview of Areas, Trucks, and Delivered status. Tapping on stats gives more information about a specific amount. Tapping on a specific legend item leaves the information out of the diagram.

Add and delete Trucks and Areas

The method for adding or deleting Trucks is identical to adding or deleting areas.
Add Truck or Area by tapping “add Truck” or “add Area”

Delete Truck or Area by swiping to the right and tapping on delete

QR code format

el =element identifier
pj =project identifier
pk =package identifier
sample element: el; F05
sample projects: pj;4585
separator semicolon ;
separator between elements and projects coma ,
Example: elements and projects:
For a package the only separator needed is a semicolon ;
The format is:
Year-sequential number
Example: Package:

If this format is not used the application will NOT function properly.

Updated on 11/05/2022

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