Project structure

What is a hsb project

The function of this document is to provide information on the hsb project structure.
Every time you start a new drawing the drawing has to be in its own separate folder otherwise you will mix up element information from one drawing with information of an another drawing.

What files are contained in the project folder

The files that can be found in a project folder are dwg, dwl, ini, lst, dxa, dxi, dxm.

What is in these files

DwgThis is the AutoCAD drawing file.
DwlIs the AutoCAD drawing lock file (should only exist while someone has the dwg file open).
IniThis file contains the project information (Project Name, Number etc.) that the user has input in the hsbSettings (General Tab).
LstThis is a list file that contains a list of elements within the project.
DxaYou should have a dxa file for every element within your project. The dxa file is a text representation of all the objects within the element.
DxiA dxi file is a text file that contains a list of information on all the dxa files.
DxmThis is a multiwall text file which will be in your project file, only if you have created multiwall.
Updated on 24/09/2020

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