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Revit® | Hide hsbcad sections (Video)

When using hsbDesign to create shop drawings, you may encounter unwanted sections appearing in plan view.
These sections can be a nuisance and can make it difficult to read and understand the drawing. However, adding a filter to the view provides a solution to this problem.

To hide unwanted sections in the plan view, you can create a filter with the hsbcad Anchor ID Metric A3 Frame.
To do this, select the Filters tab in the Visibility/Graphic Overrides window and select Edit/New Filter.

Video of how to hide the unwanted sections

To open the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog box type VV or VG

In the Filters properties dialog box, add the Metric A3 Frame hsbcad Anchor ID as a parameter, and set the filter to hide any elements that contain this parameter.

Once you have created the filter, you can apply it to your plan view by selecting Add Filter in the hsbcad toolbar.
This will hide any unwanted sections in the plan view and make the drawing easier to read and understand.

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Updated on 21/04/2023

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