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How to update hsbDesign23/24/25 for AutoCAD®Architecture

Running the updater is essential to work with the latest version of our software.
This article will guide you through the update process of hsbDesign23 / hsbDesign24 or hsbDesign25.

Older versions of hsbDesign need to be run through the Updater Application, see the article Update hsbDesign22 or older versions(Video).

  • Select the hsbcad Icon in the bottom right corner of your AutoCAD® Architecture window.
    The hsbcad icon can be found in the Status Bar of ACA.

This will then open the following dialog box and you will then click the Update hsbDesign option.

After selecting Update hsbDesign the following dialog box will show.


  • Update: This will update to the latest version, If the hsbUpdater detects newer versions the update process will begin automatically.


  • Reinstall: This will reinstall hsbDesign23 or hsbDesign24 to the latest version if required.

Install specific version

  • Install specific version: You can revert to a previous version of hsbDesign23 / hsbDesign24 or hsbDesign25

You will see this pop-up dialog box as seen below.

In this dialog box you will then be able to chose from previous version of hsbDesign23.
Chose the version you wish to revert back to and click Install

Please note that when you update hsbDesign23 / hsbDesign24 or hsbDesign25, ACA (AutoCAD® Architecture) may require you to close and restart hsbDesign23 / hsbDesign24 or hsbDesign25.

Update Settings

When you open hsbDesign23 / hsbDesign24 or hsbDesign25 you will get the following dialog box, you can set the reminder to any day you want. Enter 30 if you want a reminder every month.

Updated on 28/07/2022

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