Where can I find my License ID in hsbcad 2017

There are different ways in finding your Fingerprint License.

In the hsbSettings General tab

  • Select hsbGeneral\hsbSettings, the License ID can be found in the bottom right corner.

In the hsbSettings Advanced Settings tab

Select hsbGeneral\hsbSettings, the hsbcad Settings dialog box opens.

Select the Advanced Settings tab.

Select the Show hsbcad License information button, the hsbcad license information.

In the program folder

Select the program folder of hsbcad, C:\Program Files\hsbCAD\hsbCAD2015\fingerprint.bmp.

Open this file with the Fingerprint Viewer, located on your pc (C:\Program Files\ITW\ITWUpdater\Updater\hsbfpViewer.exe)

Updated on 15/01/2021

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