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Alias Manager

Aliases allow values to be replaced with another value, an alias. The aliases are stored in files inside the company folder.

There is a global file called Aliases.dat and custom files can be added with the convention of <Name>Aliases.dat. For example: Mat2packAliases.dat.

Aliasmanager in the hsbExporter
Setting an alias

An alias is made up of

  • Expression – what is being mapped to. This can contain the wild card character ‘*’ to represent zero or more characters.
  • Text – the value being returned if the expression is matched.

For example:
Expression = “*ground*”
Text = “GF”
This would match the following  “01-Wall Frame\00-Ground Floor”  and “GF” would be the result.

This is implemented inside the formatting as an Alias string function.
e.g. Assuming the global aliases are being used:

@(GroupName:A) would look for an alias of the group name.

To use a custom alias file a parameter is specified.
For example: using the custom “Test” alias (file name is TestAliases.dat)


Alias Manager is also being used in the document hsbCLT | How to display the surface quality of a panel in BVX

Updated on 06/10/2021

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