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Antivirus checks that report hsbcad software as Trojan


Recently some antivirus software has been tagging hsbCAD as a Trojan; nevertheless, this is a false positive.
All our software is under strict control to avoid the intrusion of malware or security threats.
The major antivirus manufacturers have advised us to write a small manual to let our customers know about it and how to manage the issue locally.
The following steps are generic and apply to a vast majority of the antivirus software in the market.

Step 1. Open your local antivirus solution: (Ex. Microsoft Virus and thread protection).

Step 2. Navigate to the software configuration.

Step 3. Locate the place where the exclusions are configured then add the hsbCAD folders.

Step 4. Save and apply the configuration.

Add the following exclusions:
C:\Program Files\hsbcad
C:\Program Files\hsbSOFT
C:\Program Files\ITW\ITWUpdater

Background information about the issue

Antivirus software checks not only the authenticity of the software but also its behavior.
Our software is distributed by adding plugins to Autocad or Revit and this behavior that modifies folders that are outside of the installation is considered as a Trojan behavior, and that is why it alerts users as a Trojan. Nevertheless; the behavior is completely normal, especially to apply updates.
The antivirus manufacturers recommended that when this behavior is completely under control, the end-user can add some exceptions or exclusions in the files to scan.

Updated on 27/07/2021

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