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The function of this document is to provide information on how to use the command Deliverable Container flag of floor groups.
In version 2009 holds a new concept known as deliverable containers.
In the previous versions you would only export floor groups and element groups where wall and floors elements existed. It has often been requested to export loose materials and items belonging to a non element group. With this new functionality you may now set the groups as deliverable or not. Deliverable Container actually means, everything that has to be delivered to an external output has to be flagged with the following icon:DeliverablesFor example it is delivered to a machine, Dbase, excel file and so on.

Loose material

When drawing for instance a beam (A) this should not belong to more than 1 deliverable container.
This means that beam (A) should only be outputted once, you should only see this once in the bill of material.
Deliverables (outputted elements) should all ways be on a floor level.

An element (wall) is outputted into a DXA file.
A loose beam that is on a floor level is outputted into a DXI file.
In order for the group to be able to output into a DXI file, the floor group needs to be flagged “Is deliverable container”. This flag is only available for floor groups. It can be set:

  • Automatically when calling generate construction on an element of the floor.
  • Automatically on opening a drawing for all floor groups that contain elements.
  • When adding a floor group (enhanced Add group dialog box, see above).
  • When calling the toggle in the console context menu (see below).

Since this deliverable flag is part of the state of a drawing, it will be possible to:

  • Store all dxi/dxa files of a dwg, without the need to select “loose material” groups.
  • Generate a reliable modelmap file of the dwg.
  • In the future we will implement a check on the entities that belong to a deliverable container group. For instance a beam should not belong to more than 1 deliverable container / element group.

You can toggle the deliverable container (floor level) on and off.

  • by selecting:Deliverables and right click.
  • select “Toggle deliverable container”, this then changes to the following icon:Deliverables
Updated on 23/09/2020

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