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hsb_E-Replicator & hsb_E-Replica

The hsb_E-Replicator tsl can be used to copy entities from 1 main element to multiple replica elements.
When having this, the HSB_G-ReplicatorExport tsl can create a delivery and export a delivery by running the hsbExporter.


Before you use this tsl you need to have drawn your Wall, Floor or Roof elements, generate the element, and make the changes in the Main element you want to replicate.


This tsl has to be inserted in modelspace.

  • Select the hsb_E-Replicator tsl from the tsl select dialog, the hsb_E-Replica is automatically inserted. 
  • Specify the input mode. Default will be to select an existing element to use as the replicated element, If you enter a “C” in the command you will be able to select a point and rotation to create a new element.
  • Follow the instructions in the command prompt.
  • The selected or new element will be created with the same entities as the main element.
  • The new element will get the main element number with – n as prefix, for example: the first replicated element of main element 14 will get 14-1 as name, the second 14-2 etc.
  • The main element will get an instance of a hsb_E-Replicator tsl assigned that is visualized with a cross and a text:   

The replicated element will get a replica tsl assigned that has a text as visualisation and the element will be locked: 

Custom actions

The replicator tsl assigned to the main element has a number of custom actions.
Right click the tsl assigned and the Custom actions will appear.

  • Recalculate All: will delete all entities of the replicated elements and will copy the current set of entities from the main element to all the replicated elements. 
  • Delete: will delete the replicator tsl and the link to all replica’s, please make sure to use this function instead of just deleting the replicator tsl. 
  • Add replica’s: will give you the option to select or create more replicated elements. 
  • Recalc: is not used. 
  • Make element unique and delete tsl: is not used.

The replica tsl also has some custom actions

  •  Recalculate All: Deletes all entities of the replicated elements and will copy the current set of entities from the mainelement to all the replicated elements.
  •  Delete construction: Deletes all entities of the element.
  •  Make element unique and delete tsl: Deletes the replica tsl and remove all data connecting the replica with the replicator, please make sure to use this option instead of just deleting the replica tsl.
  • Select new main element: Gives you the option to select a new main element for the element.
  • Mirror: Mirrors the element over the Y axis of the element.
  • Recalc: Recalc’s the replicated element attached to the selected tsl.


The HSB_G-ReplicatorExport tsl can create a delivery and export a delivery by running the hsbExporter.
The HSB_G-ExportInformation tsl will visualize the deliveries and have an option to export the delivery again.


  • Select the HSB_G-ReplicatorExport tsl from the tsl dialog
  • Select a set of elements that you want to export or to create a delivery from

The propertie dialog will show:

Exporter group: Select the group that needs to be exported. If empty the single export is used
Single export: Select the single export that needs to be exported. If empty the group export is used
Use unique elements: If this is set to no, the replicated elements are checked. If set to no, or not set, the selected elements are exported
Export: If this is set to no, the exporter will not run, only the delivery is created

All unselected elements will be set to 0 (amount) if you use the TSL HSB_G-ReplicatorExporter

Delivery name: Sets the delivery name
Description name: Sets the delivery description

  •  You can either select an exporter group or an individual export. This is the export or exportergroup that will be executed. Note that an exporter group always has preference, if both are empty the exportmanager will start.
  • If the option use unique elements is set to yes, all individual elements will be exported with amount set to 1. If the Use unique elements propertie is set to no, the amounts will be set according to the replicator/replica link.
  • If the export propertie is set to yes, the export is executed, if set to no, no export is created. However the delivery will be available in the drawing.
  •  With the Deliveryname and deliverydescription you can set the deliveryname and description. The deliveryname will be the unique identifier for all deliveries. If you want to override a delivery, you can just specify the name you want to override.

After selecting OK, the export is executed, the files created in the dwg folder and the delivery added to the drawing.

After closing the tsl will be reinserted and you can do more exports of the same delivery, until you cancel.


To visualize the created delivery you insert the hsb_G-ExportInformation tsl into the drawing.

  • After selecting a point this tsl will create a table with all the exports/deliveries.

Custom actions

The hsb_G-ExportInformation tsl assigned to the drawing has a number of custom actions, right click the table and the Custom actions will appear.

You can (re)run an export of 1 of the created deliveries, in the example above the created delivery “Blok test” is the only available one, but this could be a whole list of deliveries. After selecting the delivery you want to export you will get the dialog with the available exports.

With the Delete option you can delete a delivery.

Specify the delivery name to delete the delivery from the table 

Updated on 20/06/2022

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