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TSL | hsbTimberPercentage – Walls

This document will show you how to calculating the wood percentage / TimberPercentage with the hsb_E-TimberPercentage tsl for determining the RC value of elements for the BENG – NTA 8800.

Where can I find this tsl?
This is stored on your C:\Program Files\hsbcad\hsbDesign25\Content\Dutch\TSL\hsb_E-TimberPercentage.mcr

Version of the TSL 2.2 available from V25.1.72

The TSL places an outline and PLine around zone 0 and takes the area of all beams within the area of the automatically placed PLine.
Beams narrower than half the element thickness are not included in the calculation.

How to run the TSL

When executing the tsl an element must be selected.
If nothing is entered in the properties Profile Name then the outline of zone 0 of the element will be taken.
This means the outline where the openings are taken from.
See also the example below where the outline is visualized with a red/selected line.

The outline can manually be adjusted.
This is useful, for example, with a manually made opening.
You can add this by placing an extra PLine and subtracting it from the original PLine.
(Note the command line commands while executing). This is possible by the right mouse button/Custom action on the tsl.

  • Add PLine
  • Subtract PLine

Outline based on details

By placing a “cut” in the details you can create a Profile/outline that you can pick up with the TSL.
In this example, we created the Profile with the cut name BENG and entered it in the “Profile Name” property.

The example above is due to an adjustment in the details. These details were created with the WallDetailBuilder as shown below. A Cut has been placed with the name _BENG. This Cut is therefore the end of the area that will be calculated for the wood percentage.

The Profile is created by the cut with _ in front of the name.
The _ with name is converted into a Profile name by the generator.
This is picked up by the hsb_E-TimberPercentage tsl.

Example TopDetail
Example Corner solution


In a layout you can indicate the TimberPercentage by applying the hsbViewTag tsl with these properties seen below (as an example)

The hsb_E-TimberPercentage TSL transmits data to the element, retrievable through the following formatting:


Other interesting document

TSL | hsbTimberPercentage – Roofs

Updated on 30/11/2023

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