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Painter (Video)

Painter is a high-level filter system, which gives you the opportunity to focus on specific items in the model. Useful when working with for example CLT, and whenever you need to analyze data as you do in bomlink or tsl.

Start the Painter

Painter console can be found in the tab Painter in the hsbcad console. By default this is empty.

The Painter can be accessed in the hsbConsole

Once you have created a list of painter definitions you want to re-use, you can add them to your template. (same behavior of the Groups Console)


Add a name for the painter definition you want to create in the empty name field.

  • Click on ‘+’, this will open your Collections. This can be used to create multiple groups of painter definition. i.e. several phases can be used, each of them will have their own Painter definitions.
  • Click on the Green arrow, enter, fill in the name of your painter definition.
  • Add Collection by typing in the field at the bottom of the Collection list.
  • New Collections are possible to Edit.


Click on + to select an entity for the painter definition in the model.

  • Hsbcad objects are often part of different entity groups. In the dropdown other levels of that specific entity can be found/chosen.
  • Depending on the selected level, those properties will be available in the filter.


Tip: The filter does not need to be filled in if you do want to do a quick analysis based on certain properties (see example CLT)

Step 1 : Build your filter setup

  • + on type level: gives the ability to choose between an ‘or/and’ loop.
  • + on rule level: gives an extra filter in the type you are working. (and/or)

Apply to confirm the Filter Setup.

Step 2 : adjust, if required, manually the filter.

Edit to be able to adjust manually the Filter Setup.

Ok to confirm the Filter Setup and to go back to the console.

Step 3: Filter based on manual input

The possibility exist to type directly in the Filter input.

Group by

Enter a group name how you need your Filter to be showed.


+ will give you the search list. This Function will show only the available functions of the selected type.


When entering letters in the ‘group by’ box all possibilities available, wil be showed.


Other Functionalities in Painterconsole


Apply – Click on apply to add Painter definition to the list.
Hide – Hide the Painter insert Painter definition box.
Add Painter definition – Will reopen the Painter definition box.
Import Painter definition – Load Painter definitions from another model.
Remove all Painter Graphics

Right mouse click 1 in the console

Click RM in the white part of the console.

Add Painter definition – Will reopen the Painter definition box.
Import Painter definition – Load Painter definitions from another model.

Handle the visualisations

Painter will give you the ability to visualize items in the model, those will have a certain color. Those are random colors who are put in as an overlay. This will not change or add any color to your model.

Example CLT

This filter definition will show the amount of CLT panels with all existing Thicknesses available in your model.

15 pieces of thickness 15cm

49 pieces of thickness 21cm

  • Clicking on CLT, will visualize all the CLT panels
    • Clicking on 0.15, will only show you this part
    • Etc.

Example : CLT level selected, all panels available are visible

Example : CLT 0.15 only panels 15cm will be visualized.

Right Mouse click 2 in the definition

  • Add entities to the selection set
    • When 1 set is visualized, it is possible to select another set and add it to the visualization.
  • Add with related entities to the selection set
    • This will give you more hsbcad info on the entities. Eg selection points.
  • Isolate entities
  • Remove from isolated entities.
    • Remove a definition from your visualization.
  • Unhide all entities
    • Will show you the complete model

Investigate entities

Click on the ‘Remove all Painter Graphics’ (lightbulb)


Painter definitions are stored in the drawing, the entities from the model are not. Those need to be reloaded when going back to your model.  Double click on the collection will analyze the entities of your model.

Painter and Tsl

It is possible to use painter definitions in a tsl.

Adjust dimensions of certain beams in the stickframe. Eg firewall. In our wall exe it is not possible to have a different dimension of the studs.

Tsl hsbSetStudSection (the functionality is possible on all types of walls/beams)

Create a Filter definitions, this will be listed in the filter dropdown of the tsl.

Example of a filter definition for a firewall

The studs on the icon side will generate to another dimension.

Import Painter definition from one drawing to another drawing

Right click a white space in the hsbConsole in the Painter tab and select Import Painter definition, then select the drawing you have saved a Painter definition you want to import.

Examples (Video)

In these example video’s we are going show you how to change the hsbcad Material in the selected Modules, defined in the Painter and export the Modules (openings/doors/windows) to Excel

Painter Module filtering (2:47 min)

Painter Module filtering LONG VERSION (4:16 min)
Shows you how to draw Walls from a standard Library and place a window and doors, the export to Excel.

Updated on 29/09/2021

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