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Profile out of date


A warning text appears Profile out of date in a Roof or Floor element.
Profile out of date has been added to show the user that data is missing from an element.


Sometimes elements are copied and then the contour has disappeared into the background.
Later that element reacts strangely in the layout and the dimensions are not correct.
So this is an extra warning.

Cause might be because it’s not generated or if an element is copied / mirrored to another drawing.
When you copy a generated element and you get still get this message, then use the HSB_E-ResetZoneOutline tsl.
This tsl is saved in your C:\Program Files\hsbcad\<hsbcad20…>\Content\Dutch\TSL


Generated the Element or use the HSB_E-ResetZoneOutline tsl.

Updated on 22/03/2023

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