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Revit®| Okkake

Connects two Structural Members with a Okkake connection.


To apply the tool, add two intersecting Structural Member(s) parallel to each other.
Place the handler on one of the Structural Member, and then select the supplementary Structural Member.
Select the magenta colored handler to parameterize the properties of the tool or create customized types.


The position of the tool or Structural Member are not movable.

Instance Parameters


A= hsbcad Length
B= hsbcad Tenon Depth
C= hsbcad Tenon Width
D= hsbcad Drill Hole Distance
E= hsbcad Drill Holes Diameter
F= hsbcad Sink Holes Diameter
G= hsbcad Sink Holes Depth
H= hsbcad Wedge Angle
J= hsbcad Gap 2
K= hsbcad Gap 3
L= hsbcad Gap 4
Updated on 23/09/2021

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