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Revit® | Rabbet Joint


To apply the tool, Select the Structural Member(s) to be considered as the male joist(s).
Press the Enter key to apply the selection.
After that select the Structural Member to be considered as the female joist(s).
Press the Enter Key to finish, otherwise, repeat the selection process.
Multiple Rabbet Joints can be applied to the same female structural element, by selecting multiple male Structural Member(s).
Select the magenta-colored handler to parameterize the properties of the tool or create customized types.


If you change the position of the Male or Female Structural Member, the Tool will still function.

Instance Parameters


A hsbcad Width
B hsbcad Depth
C Gap Width
D Gap Depth
E0 Joint Alignment
E1 Joint Alignment
E2 Joint Alignment
F1 Offset
F2 Offset
Updated on 22/10/2021

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