hsbDesign for Autocad®
December 14, 2021
Version 24.0.0, first offered to users on December 14, 2021

Improved in hsbDesign24 for AutoCAD®

IFC (video)
  • IFC 4.0 is now supported.
  • During IFC export, the properties from TSL’s are added as a custom property set.
  • Importing IFC sets from the hsbShare console can now be done with Multiple IFC sets at once.
  • Improved colors for the 3D model in the IFC file format.
  • Every entity gets a persistent and unique GUID now. When exporting the model again, the GUID’s in IFC are not changed. This makes it possible to do a model comparison with a tool like Navisworks.
  • Openings are now exported with more information for the IFC viewer. *Note: some IFC viewers cut out beams in the opening, this can be solved in the hsbExporter by not exporting all of the opening information.
  • Extend IFC export to include Floor, Slab and Stairs.
  • IFC export is now capable of exporting to different IFCTypes. e.g. Beams can be exported to IFCColumns.
  • Beam and sheet zone information is now also exported to IFC as data.
  • HSB_Grid is now also exported to IFC.
  • Importing an IFC file from Vertex is now possible. The IFC file gets converted to a hsbcad modelX file, this file contains the elements defined in Vertex.
  • Stability improved of the IFC import when importing Electricity holes in the model.
  • The painter filter has been updated to improve the visibility of the formulas for the user. Especially the combination of “AND” and “OR” formulas.
  • We have added functionality to export an XML to TSM/Matrix.
  • Element DXF Export – the hsbcad element nailing is now showing in the DXF export visually.
  • Layout of the exportmanager was improved (more consistent buttons and responsive name fields).
  • The export of our PDF “Element M3” report has been improved. Now it is showing a better result and can show quantities from multiple elements. The totals can also be shown.
  • During export to BVX, the edgename now is added to a line of an edge. This gives e.g. the machine for the nesting more information about the possibilities with the individual entities during nesting.
  • During BTL export you now have the option to export a “hexcut” as a freeprofile. This solves issues that the hexcut gets replaced by beamcuts or a doublecut.
  • Mango Tech MWF export is enhanced by adding a part filter, to filter only beams or sheets or select all.
    Also the following information was added.
    Member Description Format, Stock Format, Stock Grade Format, Stock Species Format, Label Format.
  • BVX export – Frame attributes are added and reference side is displayed within hsbdesign.
  • Dril no nail area extension which adds no nail area’s around drills, is now improved. Now you can filter different drill diameters to be excluded from adding no nail area’s around them.
  • The BTL and BVX exports are extended with the tool “Planing” / AnalysedPlaning.
  • Frame attributes now are added to our BVX export and reference side is displayed in hsbdesign.
  • In the Randek export the hsbcad zones are now respected. Initially zone 1, 3 and 5 where exported as 1, 2 and 3 in a sequence. Now they are exported as expected 1, 3 and 5. This also gives the possibility to skip zone numbers.
  • Randek CDT version 5 is now supported.
  • Convert Sheets into Beams extension has now multi-zone selection as possibility.

WallDetailBuilder (video)
  • In the WallDetailBuilder a Sheeting catalog has been created. You are now able to create and save sheetings in a catalog.
  • Sheeting is now reacting on the position in custom details. Headers remain without sheeting.
  • An option is added to rotate sheets instead of changing the width/height to get the desired result.
  • Analyse of Drills in T-Connection details improved. Sometimes drills were not taken into account.
  • When defining Headers and Custom Details, a user can now use decimals to define width and height more precise.
  • Machinedata can now also be placed in opening details.
  • The view of Opening details in the Wall Detail Builder is now in the correct alignment for the user to build details more easily.
  • Copying of properties from an existing wall to another wall is now possible.
  • Distribution nummer 18 (horizontal distrubution) is added.
  • Beam-/Toolcode are now visible on Beams, Millings and Limits as shown in the following image:
  • Show the Bom output line breakdown. When previewing a list of Bom-Items, the Bom-Item exposes an ItemMapping list which contains information about the how the item is made up. e.g. the one BomItem for article TIM1012 could be made up of several beams from one or more rules. Each ItemMapping holds details of the Rule, object/Entity and Assembly, if applicable, it came from. The Rule holds a link to the Rule Group.
  • Deleting variables used in an expression rule is not possible anymore. 
  • Adding a section in “Variables – User Defined” will now give you the ability to add the items in a certain order. When you do not add a section the items will follow alphabetical order.
  • BomLink now has mass elements and mass groups available as entities to query.
  • Analyzing corner connections is improved by having sheets taken into account when the sheets are exceeding the outline of the element.
  • Bomlink now supports format values in the output names. E.g. @(ProjectNumber) or @(ProjectName) in output path can be used.
  • Output preview box will memorize the size if the the user has changed it. When previewing the next time the size will be as defined by the user.

hsbDesign core general (video)
  • You have the ability to use more levels in the hsbConsole and in the details. As shown in the following image.
  • Fasteners editor is extended with the following fasteners:
    – Fischer AnchorBolt FAZ II M24 
    – Din6914 Bolt M8
    – Din6914 Bolt M10
  • TSL is improved with JIG functionality which gives the user feedback when selecting a point while executing a tsl. For example a preview of the tsl can be shown to the user, before actually placing the tsl.
  • The automatic reconnect feature during copy of a Surface drill is improved.
  • Match properties command in AutoCAD “MATCHPROP”, can now be used on TSL entities.
  • In Btl 10.5 and 10.6 the user now can export APERTURE (openings) as part of the OUTLINE on Clt/Sip/Panel.
  • WIBU Codemeter Dongle detection added to Autonester. Because the Nesting Dongle Safenet is no longer supported.
  • In multiwalls the extension to join the plates, now will retain the original plate posnums and make it part of the new joined plate posnum.
  • hsbDesign 24 works on Autocad Architecture 2022.
  • There is now a method to copy over tools from one genbeam to another. By the inclusion of a beam with it’s Dummy property set to “Dummy with tools” beam tooling can be copied from Xref sources into the host .dwg to act on beams in the host.
  • Auto insert of TSL toolscripts can now be added to the panel style and panel creation of SIPS and CLT panels in the stylemanager as shown in the following image. There is a new tab added “TSL’s to execute”.
  • Formatting now supports the first entry of hardware of any tool entity. E.g. hardware.articleNumber, hardware.description as shown below.
  • Additional properties are exposed in the Autocad Property Palette for “hsbcad Multi Element”, the entity representing multiwalls. When joining walls MW-001, MW-002, MW-003. In the properties now the information shows 001-002-003, defining the elements in the hsbcad Multi Element.
Installation and Updating
  • The updater now gives the ability to go back to a previous installed version of hsbdesign.
  • During installation the user specific regional ribbon gets loaded automatically for the user.
  • The ability to download hsbdesign Components to myhsbcad.com download site. The hsbdesign Components setup supports the installation of a stand-alone version of hsbBomLink, hsbExporter and hsbMultiwall composer. This will allow you to download stand-alone components without haveing Autocad Architecture / hsbdesign installed.
  • Users can now run the hsbUpdater without having to have an admin log onto the user’s PC to update hsbdesign.

  • The hsbElementInsulation Tsl was improved with functionallity. The TSL can now be added to any zone, multiple times. The TSL is attached to the selected zone. The detection of the allowed room for the object has been improved.
  • Added Support for RGB Colors to display of tsl.
  • Our stacking TSL’s have been modified to enable the creation of a stackable package from a truck solid.
  • hsbPivotSchedule now supports beam properties CutN, CutP, CutNC and CutPC
  • the hsbElementInsulation tsl insulation now considers entities which are not fully spanning the zone thickness. Redundant zone assignment property has been purged. NOTE: It is recommended to replace existing instances with a new instance. When using the tsl as a construction plugin one should call the dialog once to update the properties.
  • For defining of CNC lines in the tsl hsbCNC, now Plines and Circles can be used.
  • The HSB_W-SingleLifting now has options to add/remove lifting tools to the connecting beams.
  • A property set has been added to the hsb_PocketPointLoad TSL for the ability to add an Anchor Bracket at the base of a pocket point load truss assembly. Property set added: Angle Bracket Location: Left / Right / Both.
  • The TSL hsb_CreateSolePlate has been extended to include the option of splitting the sole plate at door openings.
  • A function in the hsbsettings was added to enable the usage of German notation for dimensioning in Tsl.
  • hsbViewTag TSL now supports the selection of ACA sections in modelspace. It also supports an xRef entity selection when linked to an ACA viewport.
  • hsbViewTag TSL now supports sequential execution to avoid overlapping with dimlines or other tagging entities.
  • hsbViewTag TSL now supports formatting for Sips i.e. @(Style), @(WallStyle).
  • The TSL hsbT-Connection now has a new property “Rotated beam” which can be used for the milling to follow the beam direction, or mill the whole width.
  • hsbViewDimension TSL will be placed in respect of other dimension or tagging entities with a higher priority to avoid overlapping texts.
  • hsbFixingScrews TSL can now be applied to a Sips element.
  • The new NailApp tsl is extended with the nail-SheetOnBeam tsl, which allows you to nail different sheetings to the zone below.
  • hsbViewDimension tsl now supports merging neighboring beams to dimension beam packs as shown below.
  • HSB_D-Element now has the option to dimension only points within a certain range from the dimensionline.

Validations & Extensions
  • When using the Validate tagging validation, formatting of properties can now be used in the output message.

Added in hsbDesign24 for AutoCAD®

Validations & Extensions
  • A new standard validation has been created to check if a TSL is linked to a Genbeam. This validation is called: GenBeamHasTslAttached
  • A new standard validation has been created to check if a TSL is linked to a Window, a door, or an opening. This validation is called: OpeningHasTslAttached
  • A new standard validation has been created to check if there is an offset between sheetjoints from different Zones. This validation is called: Sheet Joint Compare Between 2 Zones. As shown in the image below, the validation has found sheets from different zones which have a joint at the same location.
  • A new export extension has been created called: Trim Header. This extension will trim headers to the bottom of a topplate, when the headers interfere with the topplate of a wall. *this will not be visible in the model, this is an action during the export of the model.
  • A new export extension has been created called: Change Sawline Depth to modify the depth of a sawline if the length of a segment is within a given range. The following options are available to do the check:
  • A new export extension has been created called: Convert Sawlines into Milling Lines this extension converts element sawlines into element milllines.
  • A new validation has been created called: Module length and width is valid. Module dimensions can now be checked using this validation on Minimum module length, minimum module height, maximum module length, maximum module height.
  • A new validation has been created called: Nail line is on underlaying construction check. Checking if there is a construction beneath the nail line, with the following properties:
    – Sheet zone index
    – Nail tooling index
    – Minimum distance from edge of construction
  • A new validation has been created called: Check Nail Spacing. Checking if the nails are spaced according predefined distances, using the following properties:
    – Sheeting Zone index
    – Material
    – List of distances e.g. 150, 300

  • You can now use a polar grid for your drawings.
Installation & Updating
  • The ability to download hsbdesign Enablers has been added to myhsbcdad.com download site. The object enabler is a plug-in for use on Autodesk Autocad Architecture and allows you to open & view properties of a model created in hsbdesign.
  • hsbDesign 24 works on Autocad Architecture 2022.
  • Now it is possible to install hsbdesign on regular pure Autocad and not only Autocad Architecture.
  • Users will now get a pop-up notification when there is a new update available.
  • A new drill tool TSL was created for log walls, named: hsbLogVerticalDrill. With this tool the user can create vertical drills as shown below with the vertical red lines.
  • A new TSL named: f_Section was created. With this tool the user can create individual sections of the stacking.
  • Added the possibility to add painter definitions to filter rules in the viewtag TSL
  • A new TSL was created to add FreeText and Markerline to SIP and CLT, named: hsbCLT-FreeTextMarker.
  • A new TSL was created to add a conical Hole on a Beam, named: hsbCLT-ConicalHole. The tool looks like the image below.
  • A new tool to apply slots on panel edges has been developed.
  • A new TSL was created to add FreeText and Markerline to SIP and CLT, named: hsbCLT-FreeTextMarker.
  • A new TSL was created to distribute the sheeting above and below openings, named: hsbSheetDistributionOpening. With this tsl custom sheeting distribution can be created above and below openings.
  • A new TSL was created which allows the user to apply a screw fastener connecting headers/lintels and king stud/ jamb stud. Named: hsbLintelScrews. For the tooling, if the diameter property is set as 0 than the screw thread diameter is used. A size greater than 0 will overwrite the the tool diameter size. If the depth is set as 0 tooling is only applied to king stud/ jamb stud. If set as -1 then the screw length is used. A size greater than 0 will extend the tool depth past the king stud/ jamb stud.

    Note: Any screw available in the ScrewCatalog.xml can be called upon by this tsl.
  • A new TSL was created which allows the user to apply a screw fixings to top and bottom plates. Named: hsbFixingScrews. The tsl can be inserted based on element or beam. For tooling, if the diameter is set as 0 than the screw thread diameter is used. A size greater than 0 will overwrite the the tool diameter size.

    Note: Any screw available in the ScrewCatalog.xml can be called upon by this tsl.
  • A new TSL was created which allows the user to apply free text on any main face of any genbeam. Named: TextMarker.