hsbDesign for Revit®
December 14, 2021
Version 24.0.0, first offered to users on December 14, 2021

Improved in hsbDesign24 for Revit®

  • Startup time had been optimized when hsbdesign is loaded.
  • Curved openings are now also taken into account during exporting.
  • Improved the robustness of the exporter. Where some items were not exported before, everything is now exported without a warning message.
  • Adding exportation of beams created with custom families.
  • When exporting in revit multiple times, you need to re-select the destination directory path each time. This is now fixed, it keeps the last Destination Directory Path when Exporting.
  • Models that have hsbcad elements in the drawing, will get a notification when the model is opened on another computer without hsbdesign. You can turn this off in the settings.
  • BeamCode, BeamType & hsbId is now exported and can be used in CNC output.
  • Updated support for Revit 2022 with our hsbcad families.
  • Settings for creating position numbers are extended to save and load these from one model to another.
  • For the Half lap and Half lap mitred tool we introduced a flip parameter to flip the tool.
  • Added offset and tolerance to Half Lap Joint
  • Our half lap tools are updated. New you have 4 new options for our half lap tool. The half lap, mitred half lap, cross lap and dovetail cross lap are all introduced as new tools.
  • New marking tool button shows connecting face of incoming beam.
  • Bugfix on Wood-Wood connections with different beamsizes. The default alignment of Wood-Wood connections is also changed.
  • When using our tools, you now have the possibility to view the properties and explanatory images before you insert the tools.
  • Different Rothoblaas tools are added to the CLT ribbon:
    – Rothoblaas Lock T EVO tool
    – Rothoblaas Alumidi tool
    – Rothoblaas ALU start tool
    – Rothoblaas Titan V, N and S tool
    – Rothoblaas Pillar tool
    – Rothoblaas Spider tool
    – Rothoblaas WHT tool
  • The Japanase tool TEC TH10 is added to our product and can be used with our hsbTimber toolset.
  • For CLT it is now possible to also limit the production length of panel. A warning will appear on grain direction if exceeded
  • Coded family extension to split a CLT around an opening is added.