hsbDesign for Revit®
July 5, 2022
Version, first offered to users on July 5, 2022

hsbFloorElements for Revit 

hsbFloorElements is a toolset that requires the hsbDesign Platform, timber and sheeting is connected together to form floor elements, matched with tools to complete the design and production of your construction. Flexibility to define the perimeter, chimney, and stairwell edge details, together with layers of predefined sheeting aligned to joist distribution, are collated to form an automated framed floor element. Boundaries and openings edges in floors can be assigned with parametric edge definitions, customized to building methods, and automatically framed to the manufacturing criteria. The finalized outputs include detailed BIM production documents – compatible automated dimensioned layouts and material lists. 


  1. Flexible position and arrange beams and sheets using hsb graphical defined detail editor, which predetermines the floor makeup.  
  1. *Floor to Floor connections, wall-to-floor connections with new UI - it comes with a refreshed UI for a productive experience. 
  1. *Persist Technology - Preserve manual changes while framing the wall, and customize your design without fear of losing important work.** 
  1. a) Design, orient, split, and arrange element outlines, b) assign specific user connection details to the outline to produce framed floors. 
  1. Directly convert Revit® floors to framed floors – saving time between approval and production design. 
  1. Create a user-defined library of frame styles for your own building method 
  1. *Work with Validations - Configure your custom rulesets that automatically check your design and prompt for errors. One-time setup, a lifetime of designing without worries.** (Resolutions/MEP integration to be added) 
  1. *hsbFlex tools - Automate your design process with new tools such as shafts, blocking, and lifting holes. 
  1. Add blocking or/and ladders and control them dynamically 
  1. Apply the topside and underside sheet configurations to a floor, specifying how they distribute across a floor, and adjust at openings and floor spans. 
  1. Create framed floors from the floor library – detailed with beams (rectangular, I-beams, steel), sheeting (dimensions, orientation, and distribution within the actual frame), junction arrangement, etc. 
  1. The Center point of gravity and weight work together to define automatic lifting hole locations 
  1. Use native Revit dynamic commands such as boundary edits to modify your floors and split-stretch- for beams within a floor. 
  1. Copy and mirror construction framed designs in seconds 
  1. Automatically create dimensioned component shop drawings to manufacturing format 
  1. Real-time automated dimensioned panel layouts show live interactive views of the walls with bills of material for factory manufacture. 
  1. Fully compatible with our CNC export toolset and hsbMake platform