hsbDesign for Revit®
June 29, 2023
Version 26.0.0, first offered to users on June 29, 2023

New and improved in hsbDesign26 for Revit®

  • The hsbSetttings allow users to specify which Electrical Fixtures should export Voids. It used to be only possible that families in the category ‘Electrical Fixtures’ where exported. Now Lighting fixtures and fire devices can also be configured to export voids as extrusions.
  • Reporting and BOM creation of hsbcad Objects, elements and item containers is now possible with an export to Excel.
  • Curved beams are now supported, and can also be exported to machine files as BTL.
  • It is now possible to cut beams using the profile of other profiled beams using the “Apply Notching” command.
  • Opening Split can now be applied on any family type opening, door or window.
  • We introduce Revit Family Version Control, a way to detect if any Family has been improved and needs to be updated in current project. It checks all the existing families in a document when it’s opened and reports them in a dialog, with an option to easy reload from distributed files with a single click of a button.
  • Improvement in the placement of The Center of Gravity family. It will now be properly placed within a CLT Panel when applied.
  • The hsbConsole stores all CLT tools used in the model now.
  • Align to edge can select multiple panels to orientate grain direction at same time.
  • Framing and copying grouped elements is now supported.
  • Sheets with an angled connection now can be joined.
  • There is a new boxcut tool. The Multiple boxcut, which cuts multiple objects at once.
  • Connections in the model can be disabled. Edge detail will be used instead.
  • An item container now can be locked. To edit it, the item container first needs to be manually unlocked.
  • Electrical fixtures can be used in a clash detection to manipulate the frame accordingly.
  • An item container within a model group can be framed now.
  • Validations now can have resolutions like in hsbDesign for Autocad Architecture to automatically resolve an issue that appears in the validation manager.
  • Multiple roofs can be split with multiple modellines.
  • The hsbConsole can now use Revit filters.
  • Lifting tool for roofs has been added.
  • Blocking now can be placed quickly using point selection.
  • Now it is possible to stagger blocking when using the structural blocking tool. You can apply a stagger using the parameter “hsbcad Blocking Stagger Option”
  • Now you can use extra parameters from the item container, when using the sheet tag tool. We have added Panel length, width and height to be displayed in shopdrawings via the sheet tag tool.
  • Join Sheet and Join Beam are two new commands in the Ribbon. Easily join sheets or beams with this command.
  • The matched framing style is now visible in the properties of a wall, roof or floor.
  • We now support curtain elements such as curtain walls to automatically frame openings when using the Match opening action.
  • Split command for sheets is now available.
  • Now it is possible to automatically cut void extrusions in families touching structural framing families.
  • The new T-connection creates a connection between two beams and can add a milling inside the female beam.
  • When using the “hsbcad dimensions openings” tool for shopdrawings, it is now possible to control the start/end point for your dimensions. This can be done using the two parameters “hsbcad Reference Extreme End” and “hsbcad Reference Opening Extreme End”.
Framing styles editor
  • Now when you add items in the Detail Editor there is the possibility to assign them to a specific zone.
  • You can now add drill tools in framing styles editor.
  • Now the inventory items list will be in alphabetic order.
  • All inventory items will have the default sheet and beam assigned when newly created.
  • It is possible now to override all edge details of an opening at once.
  • When selecting an edge or connection detail, a shortcut shows in the ribbon that opens the correct detail from model to Framing Styles Editor.
  • Linked files can be used to generate the item containers
  • Now cm/m/feet/inches units are supported.
  • It is now possible to create insulation as a layer.