Configuring client

To configure a client the client application needs to be started in configuration mode. To start the client in configuration mode hold down Shift and Ctrl button then double click the client icon.

Opening the client in configuration mode

When the client is started in configuration mode the top bar with the following actions is visible.

OpenOpen a client .pcc* file
(An existing client configuration)
SaveSave a client .pcc file
Import ConfigImport a client .pcc configuration
OptionsOptions for the client configuration
Client settingsEdit the selected/ active client application
ApplicationsManage the applications in this client

*.pcc file stands for hsbPC Client. This file contains the settings specific for a client, normally for different products (roof, wall, floor etc.) there are different .pcc files. After setting up the client you can save the .pcc file and load it on another system.

client in configurationmode

Client applications

Every client can consist different applications, each production step can have its own application/view. There are many applications available, most common to use are the ElementView and PDF viewer applications.

Client applications
Updated on 15/12/2020

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