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How to update your old hsbUpdater

This document will show you how to update your hsbUpdater 2017

Update the hsbUpdater:

The hsbUpdater is located in the folder C:\Program Files\ITW\ITWUpdater\Updater

  • Delete the Updater folder.
  • Download the updater from the download area or use this link.

  • Select the\Properties file and Unblock it.
  • Then unzip the file in the Temp folder.
  • Move the extracted folder to the directory where the updater folder was previously deleted. C:\Program Files\ITW\ITWUpdater\
  • Open the folder and start the Updater.exe
  • When the updater has started, select the Load an additional Version button
  • Select the *.xml file in  C:\Program Files\ITW\ITWUpdater\

The new updater should work.

Updated on 04/05/2022

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