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To create list names for purposes of placing rules on a certain place in an output. The list information can be utilised at the output definition. 
This makes it possible to force rules to output in a specific way.

Example of a list

Situation: Various items in the inventory need to be on a report under three headings, wall, floor and roof.

Task: Create a list called Export_list with identification headings of wall, floor and roof where the rules need to go. Create a list output in the output definition.

Step 1. Within the lists, Export_List is added to listing.

Step 2. 1-Roof, 2-Wall and 3-Floor is created as item names.

Step 3. Within the output definition, a list field is created with a type list of the name we used, Export_list. Note in this example we are setting globally that all rules are been sent to this list section. It can also be set as an over ride output also on the individual rules. See below.

Step 4. The mapping is set to the item name required.

Updated on 31/12/2021

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