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How to create new project

Step 1. Click on New.

Step 2. Enter a name for the project.

Step 3. Browse to the correct company folder.

Step 4. Select the inventory type and adjust the Inventory Source settings.

Step 5. Select the Length Unit.

Different inventory files

  • HsbCad Inventory, created inside hsbcad environment.
  • MS Access Inventory Source.
  • MS SQL Server Inventory Source.
  • SqICe inventory Source.
  • SQLite Inventory Source.
  • Text File Inventory Source.
  • … 

Inventory source settings – based on text file (.csv)

Step 1. Select the path to the inventory of your choice.

Step 2. Adjust the Delimiter.

Step 3. Choose the correct information to the different Fields needed.

Step 4. The fields visible in the drop-down, are the column-headers in the inventory file.

Updated on 31/12/2021

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