Materials in hsbcad can have different densities. These densities can be set custom and are kg per m3. The densities can be used in different situations, the tsl hsbCenterOfGravity calculates the weight of entities using the densities. And for example the tsl HSB_W-Lifting calculates the center of a (roof) element using data from the hsbCenterOfGravity tsl.

When a material is in your drawing without a density the default density is used in calculations.

Adding a material

1Select the hsbMaterials button in the ribbon to open the Material Densities screen.
2Add a Material
3Give in the material name. When a entity (beam or sheet) has this name in the material field (in the properties), this density is used.
4Give in the densitiy, this is kg/m3.

The material densities are saved in your company folder. In the subfolder Abbund there is a .xml file called Materials.

Updated on 18/12/2020

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